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TM General Purpose Hand

Course Details

  • Duration:  hours

  • Cost: €170 per participant


Course Date Options:

  • November 6th: 09:00 to 12:00 OR

  • November 6th: 15:00  to 18:00 OR

  • December 4th: 09:00  to 12:00 OR

  • December 4th:  15:00  to 18:00


About the Course

Course Description

The General Purpose Hand course is tailored to prepare individuals for a vital role in the maritime industry, allowing them to serve as General Purpose Hands on commercial vessels in accordance with manning requirements. This program equips candidates with fundamental skills and knowledge essential for onboard safety and operations within Malta's ports, internal, and territorial waters.


  • Minimum Age: 17 years

  • Vessel Length & Power: Graduates can serve as General Purpose Hands on any commercial vessel, complying with manning requirements.

  • Operating Limits: Within ports, internal, and territorial waters of Malta.


Prerequisite Qualifying Service:

No prior service experience is required.


Minimum Training Required:

Completion of an approved training course encompassing the following elements:


1. Elements of Shipboard Safety:

1.1 Fire:

  • Theory of combustion and methods of extinguishing fires.

  • Identification of potential fire hazards and fire prevention measures on vessels.

  • Practical training in the correct use of portable fire extinguishers.

  • Considerations for fire fighting emergencies.

1.2 Accident Prevention:

  • Workplace safety.

  • Working with machinery.

  • Electric shock prevention.

  • Fall, burn, and scald prevention.

  • Man overboard procedures.

1.3 Liferafts & Buoyant Apparatus:

  • Launching and boarding.

  • Survival techniques.

  • Helicopter pickup procedures.

1.4 Lifesaving Appliances:

  • Types of lifesaving appliances on board vessels.

  • Their use and operation.

  • Use of flares and distress signals.

1.5 First Aid:

  • Resuscitation techniques including DRABC, CPR, EAR, ECC.

  • Identifying and treating injuries.

  • Managing wounds, bleeding, and injuries to bones, joints, and muscles.

  • Managing burns.

  • Understanding hypothermia and its treatment.

2. Practical Seamanship:

  • Line handling and operation of deck machinery during mooring and docking.

  • Tasks as a member of a navigation watch, including steering, acting as a lookout, and monitoring equipment.

  • Knot tying, bends, and hitches. Creating eye splices and back splices in fiber rope.

  • Conducting operating checks on main and auxiliary machinery and assisting in routine maintenance.

  • Participating as a member of the deck crew in anchor work on commercial vessels.

  • Securing galley and accommodation spaces at sea and maintaining hygiene standards.

  • Preventing pollution of the marine environment.

3. Occupational Health and Safety:

  • Identifying hazardous workplace situations.

  • Applying OH&S principles related to onboard responsibilities on a commercial vessel operating in local waters.

4. Workplace Communication:

  • Gathering, recording, and conveying simple information.

  • Giving and following simple and routine instructions.

  • Participating in small informal work groups.

  • Interacting with clients on simple, routine matters.

Prepare for an exciting and important role in the maritime industry with the General Purpose Hand course, where you'll gain the skills and knowledge necessary for ensuring onboard safety and effective vessel operations.

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