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TM Nautical Licence/ Pleasure up to 24meters and 12Nm

Course Details

  • Duration: 24 hours

  • Cost: €195 per participant 


Note: Price excludes Transport Malta Exam Fee

Optional: For an additional fee, you can request a one to one session with our expert tutors who will assist you with boat maneuverability session on your own private boat.

Next Course Date:

  • 3rd,4th,5th,6th June for Theory lessons, every evening from 16.30hrs till 20.30hrs

  • Practical Session - 8th June from 08.30hrs weather permitting

- Bespoke Sessions, such as 3 full days or 4 morning sessions, can also be organised.


Price for a minimum of 4 to 7 participants -  €450/person

Price for a minimum of 8 participants - €195/person


About the Course

Our introductory course is designed with a primary goal: to equip students that are at least 18 years of age, with the knowledge and skills necessary to meet the competence standards set by Transport Malta for basic seamanship and the safe operation of boats and vessels. Students need to be proficient in either Maltese or English language to sit for the exam.

Course Aims


This course aims to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Knowledge for Safe Vessel Operation: Provide students with the knowledge and proficiency needed to safely operate vessels within Maltese Territorial Waters, extending up to 12 nautical miles from safe harbors. This includes boats and jet-skis with an engine power rating of 30 horsepower or more, and a maximum length of 24 meters.

  2. Competence Standards Attainment: Ensure that students not only meet but exceed the minimum competence standards established by Transport Malta, covering foundational seamanship principles and practical safe handling techniques.


Key Objectives

To meet the course aims effectively, the key objectives are as follows:

Comprehensive Knowledge: Offer students a deep understanding of vessel operations in Maltese Territorial Waters, including regulations, navigation protocols, and regional requirements.

  • Competence Standards Compliance: Help students achieve proficiency in fundamental seamanship skills and the practical application of safe vessel operation techniques.

  • Basic Seamanship Mastery: Provide instruction on essential seamanship concepts, such as knot tying, nautical terminology, proper line handling, and basic vessel maintenance.

  • Safe Handling Proficiency: Deliver comprehensive training on safe boat handling, covering vessel maneuvering, emergency response strategies, and navigating vessels in adverse weather conditions.

  • Regulatory Adherence: Educate students on legal and regulatory requirements for vessel operation in Maltese Territorial Waters, including safety equipment, licensing procedures, and compliance with specific regulations based on vessel type and size.


In summary, our entry-level course is thoughtfully designed to prepare students for responsible vessel operation within Maltese Territorial Waters, aligning closely with Transport Malta's minimum competence standards. The curriculum covers basic seamanship and practical safe handling techniques to ensure students are well-prepared for operating vessels in these waters.

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