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Course Details

  • Duration: 12 hours

  • Cost: €200 per participant


Next Course Date:

  • On demand


About the Course

Course Description

The VHF SRC course is designed to provide comprehensive training in the understanding and proficiency standards for Radio Telephony (RT) operations, specifically focusing on the VHF band. This course equips trainees with the essential knowledge and skills required for effective communication and operation of Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) equipment. Trainees will develop proficiency in emergency communication procedures, ensuring safe practices and adherence to standard protocols for the maritime industry.

Topics Covered:

  • Familiarity with GMDSS Equipment and its Onboard Utilization.

  • Understanding Message Priority Levels.

  • Mastery of Frequency Bands and Modes of Modulation.

  • Comprehensive Knowledge of VHF Components.

  • Competency in Conducting Tests and Checks.

  • Proficiency Guidelines for VHF Usage at Sea.

  • Profound Understanding of Distress Alerting.

  • Safe Practices in Battery Compartments.




Upon concluding this course, the trainee will have achieved the following objectives:

  • Proficiency in GMDSS Procedures and Standard Communication Protocols.

  • Sound Familiarity with GMDSS Equipment and its Applications.

  • Competency in Emergency Communication Procedures.

  • Proficiency in Conducting Tests and Checks for GMDSS Equipment.

  • Competency in efficiently relaying and receiving maritime messages.

  • Skill in efficiently managing radio communication during various maritime scenarios, including distress, safety, urgency, and routine situations


Prepare for a career in maritime communication and safety with the VHF SRC course, where you'll gain a deep understanding of GMDSS equipment, emergency procedures, and proficiency standards for RT.

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